Anonymous: bruh I was reading our old messages and I'm laughing ayy I miss you tho

i haven’t been on in 6 months haha this is crazy 

reblog if you wouldn’t mind getting some anons

i miss getting them

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champagnema: pause.... i h8 u because ur sidebar is perfect



louboutinsxo: You're so perfect

um noo :O but thank you <3

Anonymous: I've followed you on tumblr for years now but never really talked to you. It's so weird that you're 18 I remember being there from the start and now you're all grown up its so strange!

i can’t believe you’ve followed me that long!! thats amazing to me, seriously :) thank you! and yes i remember being on tumblr when i was like 15! crazy

Anonymous: I really think that post u made was really brave. I really give u mad props #respect

thank you for that :)

I’ve been a belieber since 2009. But, recently I have become upset at how Justin has been lately. Some of you blame the media, that they are “targeting him” or “making him this way”. But some of you fail to realize that he is fully capable of making his own choices. The media didn’t pressure him to drink and drive. That was his own decision, and a terribly bad one. He is lucky enough to be able to get out of jail without jail time. However I personally don’t think it’s fair that he did, because most people face time in jail for being under the influence behind the wheel. I don’t think that what he has been doing lately is good whatsoever. Some of you always feel the need to defend him no matter what he does. It’s sad to say that some people would defend him if he were to go as far as killing someone (not saying he would just using an example.) Some of you all give him excuses to doing wrong and it’s sad that people think that he is some sacred human being. I love Justin but I don’t agree with what he is doing and how he has been carrying himself. This is my opinion.


i hope everyone finds self-love in 2014

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